• Measured Building Survey Measured Surveying anywhere in Coventry
  • Point Cloud Point Cloud data in one single file
  • As-built 2D Plans 2D AutoCAD floor plans, elevations and cross-section
  • 3D BIM Model 3D Build Modelling for virtual access


3D Laser Scanning & Measured Survey Company in Coventry

We deliver 3D laser scanning services and carry out measured building surveys across Coventry to architects, designers, property and project managers, consultants and many more. Let us be the 3D Laser Scanning company to produce your as-built 2D plans, and 3D BIM Models through reliable captured point cloud data.

Why 3D Laser Scanning?

3D laser scanning technology has become increasingly popular amongst professionals as it provides reliable and accurate results when completing a site and building project. Using the latest 3D laser scanning equipment, we can capture exact measurements and replicate the existing site into many formats.

Who will benefit?

Suppose you are looking to enhance a property, scheduled to work on a new build or need floor plans for an interior design project. In that case, 3d laser scanning will be a quick and efficient tool for you to complete your specified project successfully. Gather accurate measurements from reliable software and avoid any problematic errors in the future.

What will you receive?

Once completing the measured building survey, the scanned survey will be transmitted and registered as 3D point cloud data, allowing the ideal base to proceed with as-built 2D plans and 3D BIM Models using either AutoCAD or Revit software. Obtain these deliverables so that you can complete and document the progress of your project.

Why are we different?

Our 3d laser scanning and measured survey company will help you finalise your project successfully within a convenient timeframe and schedule. Coventry Measured Survey understands the importance of efficient and swift progress when it comes to a building project; that is why we have the complete solutions to any project.

What defines us?

Receiving all the benefits from 3D Laser Scanning

Our 3D Laser Scanning technology captures the actual conditions of the building with extreme high-level of detail.

Our 3D laser scanning company ensures that no additional or extra costs arise, as you only pay what you specify and need.

Our 3D laser scanners and additional scanning equipment grant you remarkable outcomes as we work with only high-standard models guaranteed to give you quality results.

Our Coventry team is extremely skilful and experienced within the 3D laser scanning and measured surveying field. Trust our professionals to deliver the best solutions.

Georgia Harris
The whole topographical survey process was very quick and straightforward. The results were done much quicker than expected. Received drawings in the best quality. Highly recommended!
Kate Cooper
Coventry Measured Survey completed a great job during measured building and topographical survey. Received everything on time. Very efficient and reliable team. Highly recommended.
Hannah Baker
Our architecture firm was provided with a quote from Coventry Measured Survey the same day, their customer service team was very helpful and answered all of our questions. We decided to receive CAD drawings for our office blocks project and were very satisfied with final results. Thank you for your work, it was a pleasure for us!
Darren Willow
I have worked with Coventry measured survey for the past two years. Very professional and responsible. With no delays delivering detailed drawings in the best quality.
Bethany Robinson
The requested pictures arrive in time and are good quality. I am happy with a job which Coventry measured survey complete.
Charlie Walker
Coventry measured survey completed a great job at my site, reliable and highly professional people. Many thanks, guys! Everything was complete at the highest level.

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