How 3D laser scanning is changing the gaming industry

How 3D laser scanning is changing the gaming industry

3D laser scanning has widely been used in the film and gaming industry for more than a decade now for the pre-visualization of scenes, in post-production, and to help develop stunning visual special effects (VFX) and CGI. The accuracy and speed of the laser scanning done by the expert laser scanning surveyors let you capture environments, objects, and people in 3D with utmost precision and in detail, and within minutes. The Coventry Measured survey team is here to tell you how 3D laser scanning influences the gaming world.

What is 3D Laser scanning?

3D laser scanning is an advanced technology that uses lasers to measure the object’s geometry and capture the digital representation of the existing. This technology is widely used in many industries as it captures 3D data of the objects efficiently and accurately, irrespective of their size or surface features.

Why 3D Laser scanning?

Technologies are evolving every year and the positive impacts can clearly be seen in the gaming world. 3D laser scanning has proved to enhance the graphics during the game creation process with higher accuracy and precision than ever before. 3D laser scanning enhances the quality of the gaming graphics by scanning the real-life objects and converting them into striking digital forms, thereby saving time and adding realistic detailing to the game elements within landscape, character and other objects.

Moreover, professional 3D laser scanning services help resolve various issues and challenges that can occur during the game development process.

The Benefits of 3D Laser Scanning in Gaming

The ability of 3D laser scanning results in the quick development of the exact copies of objects, which significantly decreases the time and cost of 3D visualisation and modelling and gives a more realistic and premium VFX quality. Static laser scanning is limited to localised scanning of only small objects or areas. As 3D laser scanning is rising in popularity and demand, more and more games seem to use this technology.

3D laser scanning, when used for the development of game content, resolves multiple challenging difficulties.

One of such difficulties is making faces and bodies to be used in the game. This usually consumes an excessive amount of time in the program to make things look near to real. And even after that, it might still come as awkward. 3D laser scanning efficiently captures the facial features, and the job is done effortlessly. American Major League Baseball, one of the popular games developed by Sony Computer Entertainment, also used 3D laser scanning to make their players. To give the game a more realistic feel, they scanned around 1400 players, but seeing that it just took 90 seconds to scan every person, the project went ahead faster than expected.

3D Laser Scanning for VR Effects

3D laser scanning survey helps digitise assets and products in virtual reality (VR) interactions, 360-degree product tours and reviews, and enhanced product visualisation in real-world settings. For objects small or large, a 3D laser scan is a great tool for all VR projects. With great texture mapping capabilities and resolution, 3D laser scanning is the right companion for the VR production studios.

The Rising Need for 3D Laser Scanning Surveys

3D laser scanning surveys are widely being used by many sectors across Coventry and the UK, capturing existing data accurately and efficiently. Receive detailed as-built 2D drawings and 3D digital models. The 3D models allow enhanced virtual reality experiences and are more popular than ever.

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