Why Approaching a Measured Building Survey Company Is a Smart Move

Why Approaching a Measured Building Survey Company Is a Smart Move

Any construction, architecture or engineering project—whether it’s a new build, extension, refurbishment, quality inspection or commercial buildings—requires a lot of planning and hard work. Since you’re putting a huge amount of money on such undertaking, it’s only fitting to make sure that every step is done right and efficiently. Measured building survey services will be your first application for this, trusting 3D laser scanning technology and equipment to produce realistic and precise results for any project you undertake.

Here’s what you need to know about this revolutionary surveying method and how a measured building survey company can help you get the job done.

Understanding measured building surveys

For many years, traditional surveying methods meant doing everything manually, which took a lot of time, money and effort to complete. They also don’t guarantee the most accurate results since surveyors couldn’t measure every inch of an existing structure using manual tools, and when they did, there is no assurance that they are always the most accurate and precise results.

But then, there’s measured building surveying, a technique that combines technology and traditional surveying methods to come up with the most accurate representations of a building through as built 2D AutoCAD drawings or 3D BIM models to make your project easier to plan and execute.

Some of the representations that you can get with measured building survey include:

  • Floor plans that don’t only tell you the basic layout of your building’s interiors but also go into as much detail as including all the fittings, fixtures, switches and electrical sockets.
  • Elevations that allow you to plan a refurbishment project properly by considering not only the different elevations within your property but even the street scene around it. This will help you create more accurate plans that meet building standards.
  • Cross sections that will give you a full design perspective of your building shown through 3D laser scanning Coventry practices so it’s easier for your team to decide on the right additions, expansions or refurbishments that will work well with your existing structure, thus saving you money on costly errors.
  • Ceiling plans that offer an excellent perspective on ceiling details in comparison to the floor plan that’s with it. You can go as basic as covering only the most visible parts of your ceiling or go into as much detail as including cornices, grids and soffits.

Why it matters to hire a measured building survey company

A measured building survey is a huge undertaking that requires the experience, expertise and knowledge of professionals. You also need to use the most advanced tools to capture detailed results, generate to a point cloud survey and use this information to create as-built plans or 3D BIM Models.

So, if you want to ensure the best results, it would be a smart move to hire a measured building survey company that will let you enjoy these benefits:

• You are working with professionals

These surveyors offer measured building survey service for a living and they’ve been in this industry for many years. This means that you’re not only getting access to the best tools but that you’re also working with professionals who have the expertise and passion for the job.

They will also not only take measurements for you, but they’re also going to render these measurements into accurate and clear 3D BIM models that will make it easier for your team to understand and refer to them. Coventry Measured Survey use well-known and reliable software and equipment to deliver your service, for your peace of mind.

• You are following all rules and standards.

Measured building survey is crucial to any construction project because some of the data gathered here will be used as part of your planning requirements. When you work with a measured building survey company, you can guarantee that all rules and standards are followed properly.

These surveyors follow procedures that don’t only waste time, but they’re also very efficient that you can always guarantee the best results.

Finally, there’s the assurance that you are getting a good head start for your project with the right measurements. You don’t need to do the legwork yourself because surveyors will already provide you with as built 2D AutoCAD drawings that contain all the details that you need to plan and execute your project right.

So, if you’re still looking for the right partner for your measured building survey needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the most trusted measured building survey company Coventry that will surely meet your needs and more.


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