Why As-Built 2D Drawings Make More Sense than Blueprints

Why opt for as-built 2D drawings over blueprints?

There was a time when blueprints were essential to any construction project. These papers showed every detail of a building or site, after all, so they were used by engineers, contractors, builders and architects throughout the construction process.

But while blueprints have provided the most accurate details at that time, they were still not as efficient because the data gathered to produce those floor plans were done using traditional survey methods.
Fast forward to today, the world has already been introduced to 3D laser scanning technology, which triumph traditional blueprints as we deal with accurate as-built 2D drawings that are now highly in-demand throughout the industry.

But what exactly are these drawings and how are they more beneficial than your good, old blueprints?

Understanding as-built 2D drawings

Also called “as-builts,” as-built 2D drawings are a type of CAD Drawing using 3D laser scanning through measured surveys, producing reliable data through 3D Laser scanning equipment and techniques. You can use these plans to evaluate any changes that were made to the original building plan during the construction process.

These 2D AutoCAD drawings are produced by conducting a measured building survey using different tools depending on the needs of the client.

The data gathered by a 3D laser scanning company such as Coventry Measured Survey, is then rendered into highly detailed drawings using AutoCAD software and they are very useful in a wide variety of applications in the construction and engineering industries including new builds, renovations, restorations and even maintenance.

As-built is also defined as “a revised set of drawings submitted by a contractor upon completion of a project or a particular job. They can reflect all changes made in the specifications and working drawings during the construction process, and show the exact dimensions, geometry and location of all elements of the work completed under the contract,” according to the Business Dictionary.

These measured survey drawings are deemed highly accurate because they used nothing but the best instruments available to come up with the best data that you can work with. These drawings don’t just include 2D floor plans, but they also contain elevation, cross-section and other very important elements that help with the efficiency of any project.

The final as-built 2D drawings also provide a detailed account of any modifications, shop drawing changes, field changes, design changes and other important works that have been done throughout the construction part of the project.

The differences between 2D AutoCAD drawings and blueprints

Blueprints are essentially drafted before a construction project begins. The architect or engineer uses blueprints as a way of showing clients their vision for the project and how they will go about the process of building.

A blueprint also serves as a guide throughout any construction project where changes and modifications are noted for evaluation once the project is finished.

It is also the same concept with Coventry as-built 2D drawings, but these drawings are usually created after the completion of a project. That is so that engineers and architects have a way of putting into detail any changes that were made from the original plan to make sure that maintenance, repairs, and renovations can be easily done in the future.

As-built 2D drawings have been proven beneficial for many years because of how they help maintain accuracy throughout a project. For one, you get to save time because you don’t need to do things traditionally.

You also get to enjoy the most accurate results without having to sacrifice cost-efficiency. These drawings are also rendered through a point cloud, which means that you can access the data whenever you want to for evaluation, maintenance and improvements.

3D laser scanning technology has definitely reinvented construction in a lot of ways. With as-built 2D drawings, for instance, you can already get a clear perspective of what you have in real-time.

You also have the convenience of having something to refer to whenever you decide to renovate or restore the building later on.

It will help you make the right choices in terms of what to invest in and you’re also saving a lot of resources by making sure that you’re planning everything properly, using the drawings as your guide.

To get started on creating the best as-built 2D drawings, make sure to get in touch with a reliable 3D laser scanning company in Coventry.


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    Author: Sonia