Why It Matters to Learn About 3D Laser Scanning

Why It Matters to Learn About 3D Laser Scanning

The world has evolved so much from when industrialisation began. This is especially true in construction and engineering where a lot of traditional methods are now replaced with technological advancements that help make difficult processes fast and easy. It is the future of surveying, but also becomes an essential tool for past buildings and insights of older sites.

In surveying, for instance, manual survey methods that involved surveying teams taking risks to get accurate measurements now use 3D laser scanning service that’s capable of gathering point cloud data that can be used to create accurate representations of a structure efficiently and speedily.

Now if you’re in construction, it’s very important to learn all about 3D laser scanning because:

• It helps you improve the accuracy of your processes.

Hiccups are not uncommon in construction, but you also need to find ways to be as accurate as possible when doing projects, whether they’re new builds or refurbishments. Learning about 3D laser scanning will allow you to maximise its benefits in improving the accuracy of your processes.

Instead of spending a lot of time taking measurements, your team can work with Coventry Measured Survey in using a 3D laser scan to gather point cloud data. This will then be rendered into an as built 3D BIM model that you can use to ensure the accuracy of your projects.

• It helps you cut down surveying costs.

Surveying is expensive, especially when you’re covering a massive land area or you’re surveying a complex structure with hard-to-reach spots. In fact, a lot of contractors, engineers and architects spend a huge chunk of their budget on surveys that still don’t yield the most accurate results.

But with 3D laser scanning, you can cut down surveying costs by up to 75% due to lesser man-hours and equipment used. You can also save more money by avoiding inaccurate measurements and project delays.

• It helps you mitigate risks.

Traditional surveying methods require at least six people to go to a site and sometimes putting themselves in risky situations just to measure different surfaces.

But with the help of a measured building survey company, these risks can now be mitigated because your team wouldn’t need to go through hard-to-reach areas and put themselves in compromising situations by using ladders and scaffolding.

A simple 3D laser scan is already capable of taking very precise measurements of a building from its surfaces to intricate details like electrical wiring and ductwork.

The best part is, it only takes one person to operate a 3D laser scanner, which means that you can easily mitigate risks and promote better site safety.

• It helps you get faster results.

But if you learn to embrace 3D laser scanning into your system, you get to enjoy the benefits of having your measurements completed and rendered into an as built 3D BIM model right away.

Construction is a fast-paced industry, but sometimes, traditional methods can cause a lot of delays in completing projects.

That is because a 3D laser scanner is capable of capturing millions of data points within just a few seconds. This means that you get to complete more tasks because you don’t need to worry about spending a week just taking measurements and constantly going back on site to fill any missing data before you can render them into a digital representation.

• It helps you promote better collaboration within your team.

You also get to reduce miscommunication and delegate tasks properly to each member of the team so you can all work seamlessly together.

Collaboration is very important when you’re working on a construction project, but sometimes, that’s difficult to achieve because of the limitations in the data shared between team members. With the help of an experienced 3D laser scanning Coventry company however, you get to share useful data to all members of the team so you’re all on the same page when it comes to what you what to achieve for your project.

There’s good reason more organisations are now incorporating 3D laser scanning into their systems. In fact, it’s one of the most popular trends in construction, manufacturing and even industries like gaming and entertainment.
So, if you want to keep up with the competition and improve your processes, it really pays to learn about 3D laser scanning service and how it can benefit your business.


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    Author: Sonia