Remote Working is the New Normal - But Is It Here To Stay?

Remote Working is the New Normal - But Is It Here To Stay?

During 2020, the COVID-19 or coronavirus pandemic changed the game for many, many businesses. It didn’t just change our daily lives and leisure time, but also the way in which we conduct work regularly. For those working in busy offices, or dependent on public sales and interest visa the high street, big changes swept in very quickly indeed.

For many companies, this led to a huge pivot towards remote working. Instead of relying on an office workspace or headquarters, many people have moved towards digital working. With plenty of great tools and collaboration suites available online, it is now easier than ever to start working from the comfort of your own home.

But, how long is this trend likely to last? Will it mean that most companies now sway to remote working, or will we end up seeing businesses go back to the old standards?

Home Working, To Some Extent, Is Here To Stay

The huge challenges posed by the pandemic has meant a very quick turnaround for millions of people with regard to changing the way they collaborate and operate. Accessible communication and planning, thankfully, is very easy to come by. Were the pandemic to have occurred only 10 or 20 years ago, we may have been looking at a very different outcome.

Many businesses see the long-reaching value of home working and the pivot towards going remote. For one factor, it means more flexible schedules for the individual worker. What’s more, there is less time for employees to spend travelling to and from work, meaning that companies can take advantage of a more efficient turnaround on workloads.

Not only that, but remote working may even save businesses money, too. Those companies that readily subsidise for travel, or have to pay out for meetings and in-house tech, will likely feel the financial burn much less over the long term.

How Has It Affected The Individual Company?

We can seriously vouch for the overall convenience of working remotely – at Coventry Measured Survey, we have been able to move our 3D laser scanning company off-site for the most part, only ever attending customer or client premises as and when absolutely necessary for measured building surveys. As long as we are able to gain access on site, clients did not have to be present when we proceed with measured building survey.

We are, thankfully, able to undertake and produce 2D as-built drawings and 3D BIM Models off-site. With the latest in 3D laser scanners, it only takes a brief time for us to accurately capture data from even a wide open space. We can then save this data to the cloud and can access it for further provision from afar.

This has not only helped our 3D laser scanning company remain efficient and productive during a sensitive time, but it has also meant that we have been able to keep our team and our customers safe during the pandemic. 3D content studios no longer need to be on-premises all the time, providing they are using the best tools and equipment available to them.

The best technology for working remotely will, in effect, help almost any business take matters out of the HQ and into the field without complaint.

Will All Companies Follow The Trend?

It is hard to say whether or not all companies will continue to focus on digital working and remote staffing. Some people genuinely miss the physical office space – and working from home has not been easy, or sustainable, for everyone.

With that in mind, while it’s likely many businesses will follow the pivot beyond COVID-19, it is not always appropriate to go fully-remote. For Coventry Measured Survey, the move has thankfully been fairly easy – and we’re delighted to have continued supporting our valued customers during this immensely difficult time.

If your company is thinking of making a move to remote working, it’s well worth taking a look at tech trends that are helping us move away from standards pre-pandemic.

Otherwise, if you are in need of help with measured surveys and 3D laser scanning, make sure to call Coventry Measured Survey for a free quote. It’s time to get accurate, efficient measurements down pat – and you don’t have to have visits every five minutes unless you want them!


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