Why scan to BIM is such a staple tool in 3D laser scanning

Why scan to BIM is such a staple tool in 3D laser scanning and measured surveys?

Coventry Measured Survey explores the significance and why scan to BIM services is a staple tool in 3D laser scanning and measured survey.

To enhance efficiency and collaboration in planning, design, and construction of a building, a Building Information Modelling (BIM) is highly recommended for your construction works. Our measured building surveyors provide efficient scan to BIM services, capturing the exact image of an existing building or space for the production of a 3D digital model for planning, designing, monitoring and project management.

A BIM 3D model offering a digital representation of a structure within the environment where it will be built can help engineers and architects with decision making throughout the lifecycle of a project, reducing risks and other costly interventions. This product is highly desired among professionals in the AEC industry; therefore, it is important to seek the services of a professional measured survey company to deliver highly accurate BIM models.

How does it work?

Coventry Measured Survey team uses laser scanning equipment, topographical equipment and drone equipment to conduct Scan to BIM surveys. Our latest surveying technology enables delivery of efficient and detailed BIM models to clients, such as designers, developers, asset managers, engineers, architects and professionals in the construction industry.

A measured building survey is done for the 3D modelling of a building and structure, capturing point cloud for the creation of efficient 3D models using software such as Autodesk Revit. Coventry measured surveyors depend on the most reliable 3D laser scanning technology to produce highly accurate representation of an existing structure or building project.

How significant is BIM in Architecture, Engineering and Construction?

A BIM model provides efficient digital representation of a structure in an environment where it will be built. The models can thus help engineers and architects with decision making throughout the construction process of a project, minimising potential risks. The BIM models also enhance the design efficiency with the application of a 3D model, visualisation, clash detection, hazard assessment, and more. The digital representation of a building or structure enhances a client’s confidence through visualising the anticipated end product with precise details, exceeding their expectations and minimising their apprehension.

Additionally, BIM is highly significant because of the level of detail that it provides. The detail of BIM models surpasses 3D: you may take advantage of 5D capability covering the modelling, scheduling, and sustainability of the building management. These are all possible through our reliable measured building survey as well as topographical survey methods.

Additional associated benefits of BIM are:

  • Faster and more efficient processes: BIM models enable easier sharing of information, as they can also be an added value and can be used once again.
  • Better design: these models can enhance rational analysis of a project’s proposal, and simulation and benchmark performances can swiftly be executed, facilitating innovative and better approach to solutions.
  • Control of the lifecycle of the project and of the environmental data: with these reliable models, you can predict environmental accomplishment, and better analyse the overall costs.

How can Coventry Measured Survey help?

Coventry Measured Survey company provides efficient measured survey and 3D laser scanning which will help you finalise your project in a convenient timeframe and schedule. Coventry Measured Survey has full solutions to any project, thanks to our proper understanding of the importance of efficient and faster progress of your building projects.

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