3D BIM Model Service

3D BIM Models

We convert 3D point cloud data with Revit software to construct detailed 3D BIM Models, enabling the client to track and observe your building’s progress and growth. Optimise and elevate the collaboration and performance of your project through this service.

What it Offers?

Control Maintenance

We allow you to receive information which is easily accessible through 3D BIM Modelling. Find digital elevations which are realistically captured to track your project.

Enhanced Efficiency

With the benefits of 3D BIM Models, allow yourself to be more efficient and streamlined when collaboration and optimising the performance of your building.

More Information

A 3D BIM Model will offer more information and less work as it allows annotation and easier communication amongst your team.

Visualised Data

Our 3D BIM Models allow clients to visualise and view a replica of the building due to the intelligence of Revit software and its capabilities of holding information.

Save valuable time through 3D BIM Models

A 3D BIM Model truly eliminates the risk of error and wasting time when collaborating and communicating. With one BIM Model, you are able to note, share and discuss as all information is provided within an accessible model, ready to view on any device.

3D Laser Scanning Services in Coventry

If you are ready to take your project to the next level with 3D laser scanning, Coventry Measured Survey and their professional team are prepared to work with you to complete your project and drive it to success. Enquire today about our measured surveys and open the possibilities of exceptional deliverables.


Access 3D Models now

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