Drone Survey Services

Drone Survey Services

Do you require a roof survey or need to inspect a restricted or less accessible area? Our aerial drone survey service is the solution for you as we deliver secure surveys in a swift manner which is also cost-effective.

What it Offers?

Easier Access

Any area which is limited or restricted that isn’t a problem to Coventry Measured Survey as our drone equipment will capture larger data and information accurately and precisely.

Safer Process

Reduce and health and safety incidents which may occur when surveying a roof or a limited area. Our drones are reliable to catch all information without having to access the site.

Reduced Costs

Reduce the cost of manual labour, travel and tools such as ladders when using an aerial drone survey service. We provide confident measurements with simple drone equipment.

High-resolution Imagery

Our technology will provide aerial footage which is of high-quality and exceptional detail. We extract accurate special information through photogrammetry software.

Safe Coventry Aerial Drone Surveying

Our drone surveying services are controlled and fully authorised in Coventry. Our surveyors enable a safer and secure option to survey, allowing you to receive data of larger o restricted spaces, with complete overviews of buildings, estates or worksites.

What can be done through Drone Surveys

Drone surveying is used for aerial mapping, roof inspections, aerial photography and aerial video. For aerial mapping, we create geo-referenced Point Cloud, 3D Model or Orthmosaic when using advanced photogrammetry software and transforming a series of aerial pictures from the drone to a three-dimensional survey.


Trusted drone survey services

Coventry Measured Survey has all the tools and authorisation to complete your drone surveying experiences across Coventry. Contact us today if you’d like to request more information.