Large Scale 3D Laser Scanning Service

Handheld Laser Scanning in Large Scale

If you are looking for a speedy yet efficient service within 3D Laser scanning and surveying, our large scale scanning service is designed to provide the efficient and quality similar to a measured survey, but in a swift and fast schedule. Coventry Measured Survey offers this particular service using a handheld, portable laser scanner which is of high-quality and features excellent detection.

What it Offers?

Reliable Capture

Our experienced surveyors capture flawless results through attentive scanning of all angles, corners and details. With steady hands and clear mapping, we scan your large-scale interior completely.

Quick Service

No need to spend an entire day scanning your space. Our large-scale scanning service creates a faster solution to scanning and transferring into point cloud data for detailed 2D drawings.

High-quality Data

Our portable laser scanner scans in a single shot, delivering a quality 3d laser scanning experience when post-processing captured data. With AutoCAD software, we can provide detailed plans.

Cost-effective Solution

Large-scale laser scanning is the quick and affordable service to complete your warehouse survey scanning or exterior survey scanning of a larger area not requiring measured building surveys.

Scanning with mobile 3D laser scanners

Coventry Measured Survey captures all interior features and exterior features, including boundaries, levels, substances and every angle within the space. With our vast experience in 3D laser scanning and the equipment we use, we can complete a successful scan within any time specification and schedule.

Complete 3D laser scanning services

Our professionals specialise everything in 3D Laser scanning, not only to advise the best solutions for your project but to also ensure that you are receiving exceptional results. As we capture all information of the large-scale sector, we translate this documented data through as-built plans and 3D Models as we would through measured surveying.


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