Measured Building Survey Services

Measured Building Survey

3D Laser Scanning commences with a thorough measured building survey. Allow yourself to obtain all the beneficial products by trusting our team to complete a diligent and attentive scanning survey.

What it offers?

Complete Data

You are guaranteed to receive complete data of your site or specified building as our laser scanners capture all information due to our attentive methods.

Secure Process

Our entire team has completed training and is fully qualified to work on-site, ensuring that it is preserved through our non-invasive equipment.

Countless Opportunities

Completing a measured building survey with Coventry Measured Survey allows you to request for point cloud, as-built 2D plans and 3D BIM Models.

Accurate Results

Our professionals in Coventry will capture the actual conditions of the building and other architectural structures.

Our Measured Building Survey process

Upon scheduling the job and attending site, our surveyors arrive in PPE equipment and proceed to set-up our FARO S70 3D laser scanners. We complete a measured building survey through scanning, checkerboards and spheres, which have all been checked and tested before attending site.

Our 3D Laser Scanning Company

Coventry Measured Survey is renowned from our measured building survey service as it allows us to complete and deliver 3D point cloud, as-built 2D drawings and 3D Models. Trust our team of professionals to complete a survey scan thoroughly and attentively.


Measured survey today

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