Topographical Survey Service

Topographical & Land Survey

Identify all-natural and man-made features within your specified area in Coventry through topographical and land surveying. If you are an architect, designer, engineer or planner, be sure this service will benefit you!

What it Offers?

Complete Information

No matter the size and type of project specified, our professionals provide complete and vital information through scaled plans and models.

Detailed Data

Identify ground surfaces, tree positions, existing building, boundary details and drainage details taken from a topographical survey and translate into plans and models.

Confident Process

Our surveying equipment is well-know and of high-standard to complete the services required within your project in Coventry.

Save Costs

Receive information quickly from Coventry Measured Survey and receive the most cost- Land & Topographical Surveying services in Coventry

Topographical Surveys Changing 3D Laser Scanning

When completing land and topographical survey, we collect three-dimensional data and point which are composed with information form all features such as buildings, land features and physical boundary details. Our land surveyors capture this to translate and document on scaled 2D plans, ready for you to locate anything essential.

Why are topographical surveys useful for you?

We are able to provide the required level of detail you want and desire and translate that into 2D plans through AutoCAD or 3D models with BIM software. Coventry Measured Survey uses quality equipment such as Total Station, GPS and 3D laser scanners to process the information then and deliver it to our clients for a successful outcome.


For larger projects and more detail

Our 3D laser scanning company offers the right solution and service for you; all you have to do is contact us and complete an online form with the information required for your project.