We provide all types of Underground Surveying Services:

    • Utility Survey and Utility Mapping
    • CCTV Drainage Surveys
    • GPR Surveys
    • Concrete Scanning
    • Geophysical Survey
    • Site Investigations
    • BIM Underground Services
    • Road (Mobile) Mapping
    • CAD and BIM Modelling


      What is an Underground Survey?

      Underground surveying maps and determines all the services occurring below the surface of the earth. Coventry Measured Survey conducts specialised underground utility surveys in line with the health and safety regulations and BSI standards – PAS 128 surveys.

      Using underground utility survey data reduces project planning time, and lowers the risks of costly adjustments made to the design or mistakes further down the construction line.

      Detailed and accurate utility survey maps enable contractors to work with a high level of confidence before and during excavation. Contractors will also provide the necessary protection to their workforce according to health and safety regulations.

      Our professional underground survey maps the location and depth of objects such as cables, pipes and tunnels. Rely on our efficient underground survey to locate subsidence, or the movement of the earth’s surface.

      Various types of Underground Survey Services

      Utility Survey and Utility Mapping

      Our experienced and professional surveyors guarantee reliable subsurface utility mapping, providing solutions for a wide range of clients. Our utility surveys are tailored to the industry specifications, including PAS 128.

      CCTV Drainage Surveys

      CCTV drainage surveys form a crucial component of our specialised underground surveys. They are designed to check any detailing defects, illegal connections, blockages and connections between access points, as well as the exact location of the drainage system between entry points and manholes.

      CAD and BIM Modelling

      Coventry Measured Survey Company boasts of an experienced modelling specialist team that conducts in-depth scan coverage of a construction site, and generates a 3D point cloud with the help of the latest software.

      Road (Mobile) Mapping

      We use drones for our mobile mapping to precisely survey road projects, gas and oil pipelines, transmission lines, railway lines, as well as linear right of way corridors.

      GPR Surveys

      Utility mapping depends on GPR surveys for non-intrusive scanning to provide an underground imagery of your construction site. A combination of GPR technology, total stations and GPS devices delivers accurate underground surveys.

      BIM Underground Services

      Our specialist team of surveyors provide data on underground services within a BIM environment, thus, enabling the integration of building information, topographical information and underground utilities information in an all-inclusive Revit model.

      Concrete Scanning

      We employ modern concrete scanning technology that uses cutting-edge ferro-scan, GPR scanning and ultrasound equipment to gather reliable information from underground elements, structures, dimensions, and many more.

      Site Investigations

      Through site investigation, our survey team will be able to gather information, assess data, as well as report potential hazards below a construction site.

      Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR)

        • Ground-Penetrating Radar (GPR)

      A GPR sends electromagnetic pulses into the ground, capturing information from the underground utilities through reflections.

        • Seismic Surveys

      Geophones placed at strategic patterns showcase rock properties several miles below the ground.

        • Registered Earthworks Supervisor (RES) Scheme

      The RES scheme enhances the competence of site supervisors, enabling adherence to cable/gas pipe damage prevention protocols.

        • Electro-Magnetic Locator

      EML (Leica DD series) will detect the location of any underground power cable.


      Coventry Measured Survey is the leading professional underground surveyor utilising the latest laser scanning technology in Coventry. Contact our specialist team for a swift and efficient survey service!

      What can you receive?

      Our underground services provide you with accurate solutions for all of your underground utility needs. Receive detailed deliverables including:

      • 3D utility surveys data capture and modelling
      • 2D, 3D and 3D Modelled CAD
      • GIS Model
      • BIM Model
      • MEP BIM Model

      Depend on our Underground Survey Techniques and Equipment

      Our Coventry’s specialised underground surveys employ the following techniques and equipment:

      • GPR: 2D and 3D technology. Our GPR technology uses towing and pushing systems with a broad range of frequencies.
      • EML (Electro-Magnetic Locators)
      • Mobile Mapping
      • 3D Laser scanners. We use the latest laser scanning technology from leading brands such as Leica and Faro
      • Total Stations
      • Software for drawings, modelling and processing of collected data
        Our thorough processes

      Our Measured Building Survey Testimonials

      Georgia Harris
      Georgia Harris
      The whole topographical survey process was very quick and straightforward. The results were done much quicker than expected. Received drawings in the best quality. Highly recommended!
      Kate Cooper
      Kate Cooper
      Coventry Measured Survey completed a great job during measured building and topographical survey. Received everything on time. Very efficient and reliable team. Highly recommended.
      Hannah Baker
      Hannah Baker
      Our architecture firm was provided with a quote from Coventry Measured Survey the same day, their customer service team was very helpful and answered all of our questions. We decided to receive CAD drawings for our office blocks project and were very satisfied with final results. Thank you for your work, it was a pleasure for us!
      Darren Willow
      Darren Willow
      I have worked with Coventry measured survey for the past two years. Very professional and responsible. With no delays delivering detailed drawings in the best quality.
      Bethany Robinson
      Bethany Robinson
      The requested pictures arrive in time and are good quality. I am happy with a job which Coventry measured survey complete.
      Charlie Walker
      Charlie Walker
      Coventry measured survey completed a great job at my site, reliable and highly professional people. Many thanks, guys! Everything was complete at the highest level.
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