Exploring the Uses and Benefits of Drone Surveying

Exploring the Uses and Benefits of Drone Surveying

Surveying is essential to the success of any construction project and over the years, traditional surveying has evolved into more modern methods, thanks to Coventry 3D laser scanning technology.

What used to take weeks and a lot of manpower to do is now possible within just a few hours when you use a drone survey service that’s capable of taking accurate measurements of a site using only an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) or drone.

The benefits of drone surveying

If you already tried using Coventry 3D laser scanning in a previous project, you’ll be glad to know that drone surveying will take your experience to a whole new level with these added benefits:

• You get less site distractions and disruptions.

Unlike a traditional survey, a drone survey will be conducted from above, which means that there will be no distractions on workers and disruptions in a project.

There’s also no need to employ people to access site and no extra tools are required to take measurements. You don’t need to close down roads, stop work or hire extra manpower to conduct surveys anymore.

• You can reduce surveying costs.

A lot of contractors would shy away from using a drone for construction projects thinking that they’ll need to spend more for it.

On the contrary, you can save a lot of money by using this advanced technology because you’re collecting important data five times faster than with traditional land-based surveying.

It’s also easy to gain access to a site and take measurements of even the most difficult terrains without spending a lot on resources and manpower.

• You get accurate measurements of a site.

Accuracy is one of the biggest benefits of hiring Coventry 3D laser scanning services from a reputable company.

Drone cameras and sensors can take precise measurements of a site from different angles and create thousands of data points and images that can be rendered into as-built 2D drawings that will be used for construction projects.

The different uses of drone surveying

UAV technology has definitely proven to be beneficial in construction projects where it is now used in several applications including:

  • Land survey. Topographical drawings rendered from data gathered through drone surveying produces some of the most accurate maps that you can find.

Some of the best drones for mapping and surveying are now capable of producing such amazing renderings of a piece of land at half the time and money it costs to do it manually.

  • Slope monitoring. Only drones are capable of gathering highly accurate data to measure slopes without the need for real people to go to the site and take measurements themselves. Slopes are steep and dangerous, which is why there’s a lot of risks involved in doing them manually.But with drone mapping, it’s now a lot easier to monitor any changes in the earth’s movement by taking accurate measurements of slows. This data will help you predict landsides in a certain area and create infrastructure without the risk for potential damages, especially in roads, bridges and railways.
  • Land development. A survey is the first step to developing a piece of land into a residential or industrial area. When you’re dealing with a huge piece of land, it could take weeks before you can create as-built 2D drawings when you’re using traditional surveying methods.

But with a drone survey service, everything is done from above, which means that taking measurements is a lot easier to do and you can get highly accurate images of the land to be developed from different angles to be used for creating plans and determining possible risks.

Drone surveying is definitely taking over industrial projects these days. Whether it’s for simple roof restorations or full-blown construction projects, data gathered from drones can really help maintain the accuracy and consistency of projects. That is also while mitigating risks and reducing the time, resources and manpower it takes to conduct a survey of a site or piece of land.

So, if you’re into these projects, you might want to consider embracing UAV technology into your system. Get in touch with us to request a free, no-obligation quote for your project in Coventry, so you know what you can get for your investment


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    Author: Sonia