What is a Topographical Survey?

What is a Topographical Survey? – What it is and why it’s important?

Topographical survey can distinguish all features, including land features, property, and physical boundary details in a particular area of interest. The survey involves scanning a site to determine, in detail, the natural and man-made features with their levels.

Your topographical survey will highlight all the relevant site features, from different structures and buildings to boundaries, site level and much more. These survey plans empower planners, architects, engineers and builders with the information they need throughout the design and planning stages of their projects. Whatever project you are planning, a topographical survey will help you reduce the likelihood of costly and timely mistakes. Receive accurate data of the landscape features using advanced laser scanning technology.

What Equipment do we use for Topographical Surveys?

We use a wide range of equipment and methods to accurately produce a topographical map of your site. These include:

  • Aerial: We use LIDAR and UAV photogrammetry technology to identify the contours of the area of interest.
  • GPS: State-of-the-art GPS mapping technologies to survey small areas that do not merit an aerial approach.
  • Total Stations: A field crew will directly map each feature within the project site. This method is most effective for a site with varying elevations or unique geological features, hence requiring more detailed information.

How we Present Survey Data

Receive reliable deliverables such as point cloud data, scaled 2D AutoCAD drawings or 3D Revit models with your required level of detail. We swiftly and efficiently deliver reliable topo drawings to include all information you need when mapping your site, such as:

  • Area boundary lines
  • Trees, bushes and vegetation positions
  • Water channels and levels
  • Ground heights, contours and surfaces
  • Drainage information such as manhole covers and gullies
  • Building footprints
  • Bunds and drainage ditches
  • Bridges, ramps, steps, and canopies
  • Surfacing such as tarmac, concrete, gravel and grass
  • Visible services such as electric, gas, water and traffic signals, among others.

Why you need a Topographical Survey Service

You need an accurate and detailed topographical survey service if you are looking to start a construction or land development project. The land surveys will help you avoid any costly errors as well as identify areas where construction could become difficult or challenging, even requiring level work in some cases. Topographical surveys are looked at as the foundation of any construction, development or land buying project. The more you know the land around and under you, the more durable and efficient your construction project will be.

Why pick Coventry Measured Survey?

We have a trusted specialist team with years of experience in measured surveys of land buildings and utilities across Coventry and UK. Receive swift and efficient full scanning services for large areas as well as comprehensive sites using the latest laser scanning technology to provide you with reliable reports and topo drawings for your construction project.

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